ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Certified

Manufacturing Services

Life science companies today need partners with operational flexibility coupled the uncompromising and consistent quality. With growth and profitability concerns, companies are evaluating internal limitations and looking to forge strong service partnerships to increase capacity, reduce hazardous material handling, contain cost, expand market opportunity and conserve capital.

  • AMRESCO is structured to deliver comprehensive scalability and customization for production, packaging and deliverability.
  • Our experienced project management and production teams can provide product development and co-development support or manufacture according to customer specifications.
  • AMRESCO's capital investment in infrastructure, technology and capabilities, along with continual process improvement, is designed to keep us moving in line with and ahead of market needs.
  • OEM Manufacturing
  • FDA Registered
  • Custom Protocols & Specifications
  • Lean Production Processes & Principles
  • Scale-Up from Bench Scale to Large Lot Sizes
  • Ability to Manufacture Complex Materials
  • Formulation Development & Execution
  • Environmentally Controlled Facilities
  • Segregated Facilities for Sensitive Products
  • Scalable Lot Sizes: Bench Scale to Thousands of Liters Per Lot
  • Sensitive Materials Requiring Environmental Controls
  • RNase, DNase & Protease Free Reagents
  • Low Endotoxin Reagents
  • Asceptic Reagents
  • Precision & Tight Tolerance Requirements
  • Molecular Materials-RNA, DNA, Proteins
  • Enzyme & Active Ingredient Reagents
  • Hazardous Materials & Reagents
  • Scalable Lot Sizes: Bench Scale to Metric Ton
  • Complex Multi-Component Compounding
  • Homogenous Complex Blends
  • Sensitive Materials Requiring Environmental Controls
  • Segregated Handling for Antibiotics
  • Hygroscopic Materials
  • Particle Size Control/Exclusion
  • Particle Size Reduction / Milling
  • Low Endotoxin Products
  • Hazardous Product Handling
  • Dye Handling & Compounding
  • Tableting
  • Lyophilization
  • Recrystallization
  • Slurry, Emulsion & Viscous Material Handling
  • Dye Liquid & Powder Compounding
  • Gamma Irradiation & Autoclave Sterilization
  • Specialty Filtration Processes
  • Molecular Material Handling
  • Dye Handling & Compounding