ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Certified

Strategic Services

Business Solutions

Increasing market pressures are challenging life sciences companies to address infrastructure inefficiencies, production capacity, logistics and inventory management, as well as mitigate tax and insurance implications, meet compliance and quality standards, maintain competitive advantage, compress critical time to market performance and a growing host of critical considerations.

  • Our Product Design and Engineering Team works closely with each customer to develop the unique design and production programs that help them focus on the future, not production limitations.
  • Our Strategic Services Team are specialists at assessing operational and process inefficiencies, providing invaluable support and expertise in increasing performance, service and profitability.
Inventory Management / Cost Improvement
  • Reduce Lead Times through Inventory Management Solutions
  • Save Expensive Warehouse Space with storage & drop shipping capabilities
  • Save Resource on raw material testing with lot sequestering
  • Ensure Quality with sensitive testing capabilities
Product Transition & Integration / Capacity Management
  • Increase Capacity without physical expansion of facilities
  • Automated Lean Processes
  • Cost Savings on hazardous & difficult to produce products
  • Save Time in Production processes with custom raw material packaging
  • Outsource instead of capital investment
Process Improvement
  • Focus Resources on strategic new product offerings
  • Minimize Resources & Time with large lot sizes & Lean Processes
  • Cost Effective Worldwide Distribution of products
  • Maintain Quality with ISO & FDA Level processes & facilities
  • Product Development & Co-Development
  • Seamless Transition & Integration for private label / OEM products
  • Maintain Compliance with full traceability & documentation
Other Services
  • Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Pack and Hold Options
  • Warehousing
  • Drop Shipment Capabilities
  • Label Control and Management
  • Documentation