ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Certified

EZ-Vision® DNA Dye as Loading Buffer

EZ-Vision DNA Dye as Loading Buffer

Non-mutagenic, environmentally friendly alternative to Ethidium Bromide


Easy and Convenient
  • Fluorescent DNA dye supplied in a 6X loading buffer

Instant Results

  • Visualize DNA instantly with a standard U.V. transilluminator
  • Very low background
  • Requires no post electrophoresis staining or destaining
  • Works with most existing filters for gel documentation.
  • Very broad emission spectra with peak near 450 nm

Better for you and the environment than ethidium bromide
  • Non-mutagenic and non-toxic
  • Non-toxic for waste disposal
  • No hazardous shipping, storage or disposal fees


EZ-Vision Gels
EZ-Vision® One, Two and Three. Left image: 1% TAE agarose gel showing the fluorescence of AMRESCO’s 1kb Ladder (K180-250μl) stained with EZVision® One (lane 1), EZ-Vision® Two (lane 2) and EZ-Vision® Three (lane3) captured with Syngene GBox-HR Gel Doc System using SP filter selection. Right image: Digital camera photograph of the same gel as left image, showing the colors and migration position of the one fast migrating tracking dye of EZ-Vision® One (lane 1), the two tracking dyes of EZ-Vision® Two (lane2), and the three tracking dyes of EZ-Vision® Three (lane 3).

EZ-Vision® Safety Testing

Figure 2. EZ-Vision® mutagenicity was determined by Ames testing of S. typhimurium with and without metabolic activation with an S-9 activation system. Sample concentrations tested did not produce a two-fold increase in the number revertants and did not meet the criteria for a potential mutagen.
Additional information
Ez-Vision Mutagencity Testing
EZ-Vision Environmental Hazard Testing

EZ-Vision® Environmental Toxicity Testing. EZ-Vision® environmental hazard testing was determined by the CCR Title 22 Fathead Minnow Hazardous Waste Screen Bioassay. Both EZ-Vision® Two and EZ-Vision® Three were determined non-hazardous with LC50 > 750 mg/l.  Additional information.

EZ-Vision does not retard DNA migration in agarose gels
Relative migration of prestained samples of dsDNA in 1% agarose gel. The data shows that EZ-Vision® has much less effect on DNA migration than Ethidium Bromide or Competitor 2 Green Dye. Samples stained with EZ-Vision® are not impeded and migrate similar to dsDNA that is stained post electrophoresis.
EZ-Vision Signal Degradation
Figure 4. EZ-Vision® fluorescent signal degradation in agarose gels with U.V. exposure over time. Sample DNA was stained with EZ-Vision® or Competitor 1 Green Dye and electrophoresed on 1% agarose gels. Following electrophoresis, gels were exposed continuously to u.v. light, and the fluorescent signal quantified at 10 minute intervals using SyneGne GBox-HR Gel Doc System, presented as % of original signal. The data demonstrates that DNA stained with EZ-Vision® retains the fluorescence approximately twice as long as Competitor I.

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